It all started when…

When i was 16 years old and won my first PC 468 computer. The idea of controlling the computer through programming language fascinated me at first and that's what led me to make my high school college focused on computer science. Years goes by and when i discovered Photoshop and how to make websites using HTML and CSS, i knew that was going to be my source of income would come. I studied Ads for college, and it gave enought sensibility to learn how to deal with people through communication. It also helped me to create empathy when i learned user experience as a tool to improve the digital solutions i made. That's when my love for products started and since than, i've been working hard to learn and improve step by step, to deliver the best products i can.


In my book shelf

I thought it would be nice to share the books i've read, and the ones i'm still reading. They helped me become a better designer and deeply understand what to do i'm trying to solve problems.