User Experience, User Interface


What is it?

Created in March 2009, BrandsClub is a private internet shopping club that sells pieces from over 600 renowned national and international brands such as Guess, Nike, Puma, Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren, Thelure and Cartier among others with discounts up to 70%. At BrandsClub, sales are called events and last, on average, four days. The advantage to the stores is the possibility of reducing inventories. For the brand, it is good to have a closed solution that gives way to the surplus without compromising the image.


The project


I was hired to BrandsClub when it was still a startup. As a MVP, we had an e-commerce with just a few brands. But that changed in one year, when there was a task force in order the make BrandsClub the number one private internet shopping.


My role

BrandsClub hired me to bring new solutions and redesign their website. Along these solutions, i proposed a member get member in order to increase number of users, segmented landing pages and a new information architecture to the home and product listing pages.


Business analysis

The first years of work brought a lot of results. After the changes i made to the home page and user flow, the numbers of brands interested in working with BrandsClub increased, as the number of users grew. 







Theses number called international attention, and BrandsClub was bought for US$17,000,000.00 by South African Naspers, which is a global internet and entertainment group and one of the largest technology investors in the world. T



O B♥C wass an initiative of BrandsClub and the Brazilian Institute of Cancer Control (IBCC) with the support of Smart Jardins, to help the institution that since 1968 helps Brazilians in the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of various types of cancer: one of the diseases that kills the most in Brazil.

Ten BrandsClub partner brands participated in the event. These brands each received a Smart to customize to their style. At the same time, each of them donated 50 pieces to be sold, without profit, at BrandsClub e-commerce. Parts and cars had their Brand Days at BrandsClub, with sales profits reverting to the IBCC.


Let the users vote

My challenge here was to make users pick their favorite customized Smart, and share it with friends. The idea was to spread the campaign to help BrandsClub sell the IBCC's daily offers. We created a hotsite so users could understand the cause, support and vote for the car they liked the most.